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Private St Lucia Excursions & Experiences

Who We Are & What We Do

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Greetings Fellow Travel Enthusiast,

And Welcome to the Island Paradise we have the pleasure of calling home.

We are delighted that you’ve taken a moment to come check us out and we are excited about sharing Authentic St Lucia with you – Our History; Our Culture; Our Cuisine … and so much more!

Here in the islands we move at a slower more gentle pace, and we invite you to ease into this slow island flow as we share thoughts and insights that you simply won’t find any place else.

Near the bottom of this page you will find images linking to our most popular Private St Lucia Excursions and Experiences. However we invite you to read through what comes before as it sets the stage for your best island experiences … GUARANTEED!

So once again – Welcome,

And we look forward to connect real soon…

One Love, Kirk

Orange Mango Getaways … They’re Simply OMG Good!

Private St Lucia Excursions
Enjoying St. Lucia in Style

Orange Mango Getaways is a fresh new approach to enjoying St Lucia excursions. It was born out of the health and safety challenges COVID-19 unleashed on the world.

To keep visitors as safe as possible during the pandemic we switched from group activities to Private St Lucia Excursions and Experiences. We then went a step further and created bespoke island experiences tailored to clients’ tastes and passions so that no two experiences are ever quite the same.

These custom designed island experiences cost more than a traditional tour, and this was a huge concern for us.

But to our surprise visitors loved the care and attention we put into their safety and well-being and they couldn’t stop raving in their online reviews about their amazing one-on-one experiences that were so different from traditional St Lucia excursions.

Then just to be sure we were not missing anything, we asked a few clients their thoughts on the pricing.

To our surprise yet again, even clients who were initially hesitant about the cost told us they loved the whole experience as they came away knowing that they had touched the heart and soul of Saint Lucia in a uniquely authentic way, which was so amazing.

… In fact, many have told us that their private island excursion was the highlight of their St Lucia holiday. .

Orange Mango Getaways Highlights

What Guests are Saying About These St Lucia Excursions

“The Best Part is You Get to Hang Out With Kirk!”

Aug 2022

Private St. Lucia Tours and Experiences with Kirk Elliott
Allison & Tim with Kirk

St. Lucia is not a vacation without meeting up with our favorite local, guide, and “St. Lucian Samuel L. Jackson” look-a-like Kirk Elliott. We have kept in contact with Kirk since our first tour with him on our honeymoon six years ago. As someone who was always hesitant of leaving resorts while on vacation, our tours with Kirk have completely changed my perspective of vacationing.

A day with Kirk is not a tour, it’s an experience. Besides being with a knowledgeable tour guide, Kirk is a wonderful human who will make you feel like you’re part of his family the moment the tour begins. Standard tours generally provide an itinerary that is the same year after year. Kirk Elliot’s tours, on the other hand, are a customizable gateway to the REAL St. Lucia!

You want the best tasting authentic St. Lucian cuisine? Kirk has you covered. From hunting down coconut turnovers at Ideal Bakery, trying cassava patties, introducing us to the “hole-in-wall” of Mama Tilly’s, the casual sit downs of Flavors of the Grill and Island Breeze Bar and Grill, to the upscale Sea Salt on Rodney Bay, Kirk’s guidance gave us the best food and experiences of our entire vacation!

You want to meet locals and immerse yourself in the rich culture of St. Lucia? Kirk is the man. My wife and I swear he must know everyone on the island. We met local fishermen, restaurant owners, artists, musicians, and even government officials. With Kirk, you will feel you have VIP access to every aspect of the St. Lucian community!

You want to see the amazing sights St. Lucia has to offer? Kirk is a professional photographer who knows every secret corner of St. Lucia’s amazing natural landscape. There is no question that Kirk will take you to areas of the island that few tourists get to see.

Again, you get to see the REAL St. Lucia! Some highlights of this wonderful country may include seeing the Pitons, bathing is the Soufriere Mud Baths, or diving the Lesleen M shipwreck. However, my wife and I agree that our best St. Lucian memories are with our excursions with Kirk Elliott!

Allison & Tim, New York

Private St Lucia Excursions & Experiences Up Close

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    We hope that this mini exploration of St Lucia Excursions in general and the excursions you can enjoy with us have sparked your desire to discover Authentic St. Lucia – Kirk Elliott Style!

    So go ahead and book a consultation to let the magic begin…

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