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St Lucia FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

St Lucia FAQs gives you the best answers to the most frequently asked questions about a St Lucia vacation. This page is being constantly updated so feel free to check back for the most up to date info

Everything About St. Lucia That You Need To Know

The Pitons of St Lucia with a Rainbow over Soufriere - Shot from a helicopter
Welcome to St. Lucia

This page is dedicated to giving you the most up to date info about St Lucia about the most important things you wish to know before you go. Below you will find answers to questions asked by vacationers just like you.

This is what sets these FAQs apart from all the rest, and we invite you to ask your questions too so they can become part of this content that we are compiling to help visitors get the most out of their St. Lucia vacation.

What do I need to know before going to St. Lucia?

Saint Lucia is a ruggedly lush tropical Caribbean island that is ideal for both relaxation and soft adventure.

Electricity in Saint Lucia is 240V and the plugs have 3 pins. Most resorts and villas have dual voltage. However to be on the safe side find out ahead of your travel what obtains at your villa or hotel and consider travelling with an adapter.

US Cash is widely accepted so there’s no need to travel with Eastern Caribbean dollars (our currency). Make sure you have small change as some establishments will give you your change in EC$ and you wouldn’t want to be stuck with too much of it heading back home.

The official exchange rate is U$1.00 = EC$2.70, however the common conversion on the street is U$1.00 = EC$2.50

Most resorts are on the north of the island while the international airport is an hour and a half to two hour drive away in the south of the island

We drive on the left side of the road and our steering wheels are on the right side of the car or SUV.

There are no private beached in Saint Lucia. All beaches are public

What vaccination do I need for St. Lucia?

The Center for Disease Control shares up to date information on their Saint Lucia page. Their comprehensive information provides useful insights for anyone concerned about health and safety when visiting St. Lucia.

Do I require a COVID vaccine to visit Saint Lucia?

No you do not need to be vaccinated against COVID for you to visit Saint Lucia

What are the St Lucia COVID entry requirements?

There are currently no entry requirements into St Lucia related to COVID and you are not required to be vaccinated.

What time is curfew in St. Lucia?

There is currently no curfew in St. Lucia

What is Saint Lucia’s mask policy?

Masks are currently not required in most public spaces. Further details can be found on the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority website.

Is it safe to travel to St. Lucia right now?

While crime has increased in St Lucia over the years as a visitor you are statistically unlikely to be a victim of crime, especially if you exercise due care and attention as you would in any big city.

As a further safeguard we recommend that you book island experiences and off property excursions with reputable tourism businesses. Some of your best island experiences are to be had by booking local tours.

However before confirming and paying be sure to check out TripAdvisor and Google Business listings etc., to see what other vacationers are saying. This is one of the most important bits of due diligence you can exercise towards keeping safe.

Is crime high in St. Lucia?

Because St. Lucia has a small population (less than 200,000) crime as a statistical measure of its population can appear to be high. However when one considers the total number of instances of crime a different light is shed. Death from gun violence has increased in recent years. However in most instances the gun violence can be attributed to gang feuding and it mostly occurs in areas that are not frequented by your average St Lucian resident, much less a visitor.

So for all intents and purposes crime in Saint Lucia is highly unlikely to impact you.

Is it safe to leave your hotel in St. Lucia?

Exploring places such as downtown Castries, Pigeon Island, the Rodney Bay Strip and Malls, and roaming about Laborie, St Lucia’s AirBnB Central are all safe even if you are on your own – in daylight of course!

However for the ultimate in safety I recommend going out with a reputable outfit whose reviews you have vetted as we shared in answer to the previous question.

When is Hurricane Season in Saint Lucia?

June to November. This is also the rainy season in St. Lucia. However we are sufficiently low in the Caribbean archipelago that we are rarely impacted by hurricanes. However in recent years we have had some more intense rains than before, but nothing that would ruin your entire holiday.

On the flip side December through May is our dry season and from December through mid-February or so the hillsides are lush an green with beautiful blue skies and little to no rain.

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