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Affiliate Matters


I am super excited to introduce you to our Affiliate Program that follow the Nou Tout Ansanm (All of Us Together) Philosophy.

In 2015 I created a line of Souvenir Cards for sale as a way to earn some extra money to support the Sustainable Community-based Tourism Project I started with the community of Fond Gens Libre where many of the residents are employed as Gros Piton hiking guides. While the project met with limited success due to institutional challenges, it planted the seed in my mind of using part proceeds of print sales to support the community work.

… and so was born the idea of this From St Lucia With Love Print Series.

Then I thought – How about getting everyone who purchases a print involved by creating an affiliate program that delivers benefit and value in the form of a Discount Coupon for people you invite to purchase prints, and in the process you earn a commission too!

About Our Affiliate Program

By purchasing a signed Kirk Elliott print you automatically become an affiliate.

As an affiliate you will receive a unique Discount Code that we invite you to share with family, friends and anyone in your network you believe will enjoy our Tropical Island Prints.

By using your discount code they will enjoy a 15% Discount and you in turn will earn a 10% Commission on every purchase made with your Discount Code.

How to Promote Signed Kirk Elliott Prints

We encourage you to promote our prints responsibly. Once you have received your print(s) that you purchased and you have hung them up and are enjoying them you are now able to share your honest review on both your buying experience as well as how much you enjoy your print(s).

Let them know that you think they would also enjoy some of Kirk’s unique Caribbean images .

Also let them know that you have a Discount Code that gets them a 15% Discount on their purchase and that you in turn will receive a commission when they purchase a print with your Discount Code.

This disclosure that a commission will be earned is a requirement of both the FTC and the European Union (EU) as part of their consumer protection policies.

Ways to Promote Prints & Earn Commissions in the Process

  • Write a review or create a blog post or even photos or a short video of your hung artwork and tell the story of why you love your image and why you they they will love having their very own too.
  • Share a link to the Prints Page and ask them to use their Discount Coupon there and also to explain that they will earn a commission when a print is purchased.
  • Promote in your favourite social media networks – facebook, twitter, p’interest, instagram, linkedin, tiktok, youtube, etc.
  • Remember that your posts MUST NOT be spammy, but rather they should be honest and informative – with a warm engaging vibe, of course!
  • An informative blog post with good SEO targeting is a great anchor to attracting persons who enjoy these kinds of images.


Any review you create of any of our prints must always be honest and unbiased, reflecting your experience with the prints. Additionally whenever you promote your unique Discount Code at the end of your review you must include a statement that let’s potential purchasers know that you will receive a commission should they purchase using your Discount Code.

Here’s an example of an affiliate disclosure:

Disclosure: By using Discount Coupon “DC1742” you will enjoy a 15% discount on your purchase and I will receive a small affiliate commission. However the original price of the all prints are the same whether you purchase with or without the discount Coupon.

(Kindly note that “DC1742” is used for the sole purpose of explanation and is not an actual working Discount Code)

Ways Not to Promote From St. Lucia With Love Prints

A tremendous amount of effort has gone into creating these prints and this Nou Tout Ansanm approach to promoting them. For this reason we are very particular about ensuring that our work is ONLY promoted in a transparent and ethical way and we invite you to ALWAYS adhere to this policy too.

The list below is non-exhaustive but rather represents a broad set of guidelines you should follow as an affiliate. Failure to comply can result in your affiliate privileges being withdrawn. We reserve the right to take this action to ensure the integrity of our affiliate program and to ensure that we are always acting within the confines of the law.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and we thank you for both your understanding and your support.

Curating a definitive list of the allowed methods of promotion would be endless because there are tons of opportunities. However, what we can do to put your mind at ease is cover what is absolutely prohibited as a part of Rank Math’s affiliate program. If your promotional methods step outside of these affiliate terms, your referrals may be rejected and we may disable your affiliate account. We reserve the right to do this and may or may not notify you in the instance that this occurs. Please only use allowed promotional methods and help us help you succeed as an affiliate – we thank you for your understanding & support! 

We love and back our product 100% which is why we’re all the more careful with how it’s promoted and want affiliates who support us in ethical ways: 

  • Do Not promote on Coupon Websites. Persons searching coupon websites are already in a discount frame of mind and multiple offers of identical discounts diminish rather than enhance their user experience.
  • Paid Marketing Using Kirk Elliott or From St Lucia With Love is strictly prohibited.
    Using any sort of paid advertising, both online and offline will result on the cancellation of affiliate privileges.
  • Do Not Send Spam
    We hate spam with a passion and invite you to NEVER promote our products through spammy methods. You must also always include an option for persons to opt out from receiving messages about our print special that you promote.
  • Ensure the Accuracy of Information on Our Products
    Always ensure that the information you share is accurate and NEVER misleading.
  • Affiliate Defined
    As an affiliate you are an independent entity separate and apart form Kirk Elliott Prints and ALL other Kirk Elliott businesses. Affiliates are therefore NOT authorized to present themselves as part of any Kirk Elliott business.
  • Posing as Kirk Elliott Prints/From St Lucia With Love is Strictly Prohibited
    It is strictly forbidden to create any online or offline presence that purports to be Kirk Elliott Prints/From St Lucia With Love. This is deceptive and unethical and any such action will result in cancellation of affiliate privileges.

Affiliate Pay Outs

  • Affiliate pay outs are made via PayPal so you MUST have a PayPal account to receive your affiliate commissions.
    Applicable PayPal fees will be borne by the affiliate
  • If you are in an OECS member territory affiliate payments will be made in EC$ directly to your preffered bank account via online banking.
  • Your first commission payment will be issued between 45 – 60 days after your first sale
  • Commissions will be paid once your commission is U$100.00 or more
  • Refunds – We have a 30 Day refund policy.  So should a refund be issued the commission adjustment will be reflected in your commission statement
  • Commission are issued monthly between the 15th and the 20th of each month

Affiliate News

As an affiliate you can expect emails related to Affiliate News & Updates maybe once or twice a month. These emails will generally be about updating you or sharing with you effective ways we may have discovered that can help you promote your sales.

Contacting Us

Your feedback is important to us so please reach out by clicking on the Contact Button directly below, or the one at the top of this page

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