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Pink Champagne Private St Lucia Airport Transfers

Pink Champagne Private St Lucia Airport Transfers
Pink Champagne Private St Lucia Scenic Route Airport Transfers

Most St Lucia Resorts and many St Lucia Private Villas are on the north side of the island while the international airport where you will land is on the south. Your commute will likely be around an hour and a half.

Imagine getting off your flight, possibly having barely slept the night before, or maybe even having not slept at all, and now having to endure this long commute, possibly in a bus with people you are meeting for the first time in your life. Simply no fun right!

So let’s switch up that narrative and replace it with this one instead:

Fancy clearing Saint Lucia Immigration and Customs without having to wait on any of the lines. Then your Airport Authority Agent takes you to the outside where Kirk and his Team await you with Fragranced Cold Towels, Pink Champagne … and some OMG to boot! We greet you with huge smiles, warm embraces as we tell you: Welcome to the Paradise we have the pleasure of calling home … Shall we let the fun begin!!!

As we make our way to your resort or Private Villa we regale you with stories of island life and we look to learn about life in your world in a beautiful exchange of insights and understanding.

En route to your resort we will make some strategic stops along the way where you will experience island life up close and personal in a way most visitors have no idea exist. This is all part of easing you into the leisurely idyllic flow and rhythm of island life all while champagne and or OMG is flowing!

So look out for more details during your Zoom Consultation. Oh, and during your consultation remember to ask Kirk about the straight from the oven in the wall freshly baked Kwéyòl bread that will tease and tickle your taste buds with flavours you have never experienced before.

But more on this during your consultation…

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