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Giving Forward

Giving Forward

Giving Forward is a Sustainable Community-based Tourism Initiative that connects students with visitors in a way that has never existed before. It is delightfully rewarding for both students and visitors in ways that simply couldn't have been imagined.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Who Came Before

We all stand on the shoulders of the giants who came before us. This good fortune affords us the opportunities and luxuries we enjoy today. For you the visitor your luxuries might be the ability to travel and experience new places, peoples and cultures.

Meanwhile our luxuries here in St. Lucia include being able to swim in the ocean whenever we wish, meeting up with friends and family quite effortlessly as they only live a few miles away. Or it’s the amazing farm to table experiences we enjoy as all our local produce comes from farms that are just a few miles from where we live.

If we take a moment to think of all we can be thankful for we can appreciate that it happened in part through the efforts of those who came before us. Recognizing this, we can appreciate both the power and the value of Giving Back … or rather Giving Forward so that we in turn might be the shoulders on which the next generation firmly stands so they might enjoy even more.

This is the premise of our Giving Forward Initiative … and I must confess that I initially dubbed the idea Giving Back, as you would have recognised in the video. Then while working on this new website I had the idea to rename the project Giving Forward as an ode to looking ahead rather than looking back.

Support The Giving Forward Initiative

Our Giving Forward Program provides you an opportunity to support schools and school age children based on their most pressing needs. Teachers and their school principals have put together a list of items that would greatly assist the children and we invite you to check out the list and support in whatever way speaks to your heart.

As one principal shared – “Kirk we just love what you’re doing and we are grateful and thankful for whatever we receive.”

When asked what was the impact of vacationers visiting the school and engaging with students the principal informed that students have come to appreciate tourists as actually being real people rather than just an abstraction they hear and see on radio and TV.

Meanwhile, visitors are all commenting how their simple act of Giving Forward and of meeting the children has been the most rewarding and memorable part of their vacation.

So we invite you to lend a hand to our Giving Forward Initiative of bringing meaningful positive change to young St Lucian students.

More Giving Forward

Wow, isn’t the energy of these children just magically infectious?! By lending them our shoulders to stand on who knows what they might become.

This just might be the ultimate in sustainable tourism built from the grass roots up. Who knows – your support could very well be an amazing investment by you that helps preserve and protect St Lucia for our collective future enjoyment.

At a deeper level we see these engagements as so much more than just giving as they afford you a unique connection to St Lucia that goes way beyond just a mere vacation.

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Think of this as our Giving Forward to you!

Kirk Elliott St Lucia
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