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Private St Lucia Island Explorer

Private St Lucia Island Explorer
Pure Fun on The Private St Lucia Island Explorer

The Private Island Explorer is one of our all time favourite St Lucia Excursions. We pick you up from your hotel and from the get go it’s a unique immersion into the history and culture of Saint Lucia in a way that is fluid and organic. Nothing here about St Lucia being 7 times French and 7 times English, as we’ve come to see this as nothing more than an interesting bit of trivia that doesn’t take you to the heart of what makes us tick.

So instead Kirk takes you deeper into who we are as he peels back the curtains on the impact of the major happenings of our past. Like the German U-boat that bombed a British freighter in our main harbour; or of US President Franklin Roosevelt visiting Rodney Bay in 1940 to inspect the US Naval Air Station as part of America’s World War II efforts. Or how about the Battle of Rabot of 1795 that saw Saint Lucia enjoying a year of freedom from slavery before any other country in the western hemisphere. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the things we will explore.

The Private St Lucia Island Explorer is a full day out in which we drive round the entire island. You will visit places and discover stories no other visitors will ever know, and heck – these are things that many locals don’t even know. You see, history and culture absolutely fascinate Kirk and his team and they delight in sharing the stories with you so you can come away feeling like an honourary Saint Lucian.

Giving Forward

St Lucia Island explorer Guests with Students
Lori & Mike Visiting the Dugard Elementary School

Giving Forward is an idea we developed for supporting education at some of our schools here in St. Lucia and we invite you to participate by helping out with items the teachers and students will be most appreciate of. Best of all you get to visit the elementary school we have adopted, and what a special treat this always turns out to be – both for the students and for our guests.

The students get to meet actual tourists and the exchanges you get to have with them is always so revealing as you get to hear first hand their dreams and aspirations. This time at the school is always a special highlight and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

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