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Kirk Elliott

Meet Kirk Elliott – Sustainable Tourism Ambassador/Photographer … and Samuel L Jackson Look-alike!

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Kirk Elliott

Hi, I’m Kirk and I’m delighted to welcome you to Orange Mango Getaways – a novel approach to culturally rich experiential tourism.

For many years I have operated the St. Lucia Photo Tour in which I share my passion for photography with photo enthusiasts from all over the world.

Something about my passion for excellence and for sharing my St. Lucia with visitors struck a chord and next thing I knew the rave reviews came pouring in. This resulted in me earning TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence year after year, after year; and in 2019 my Photo Tour was inducted into the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame in recognition of my earning 5 Certificates of Excellence in 5 years.

COVID-19 Strikes

Then in 2020 COVID struck and this changed everything. I had to refund all my bookings without the foggiest idea of whether the business would sink or survive. But somehow we did. This was in large part because in the third week after St Lucia locked down I convinced myself that COVID was the best thing that ever happened to me. Now all I had to do was prove it!

With this mindset a weight was lifted off my shoulders and when we were finally able to resume business I had decided that I would only offer Private Experiences out of an abundance of concern for the visitors’ safety. I figured that my guests would enjoy the maximum safety from catching COVID if I stopped doing group tours with folks from multiple resorts. This idea turned out to be such a hit that I simply never looked back, and here we are today.

Unlike Any Vacation You Have Had Before

Orange Mango Getaways – OMG for short, have allowed me to take my passion for sharing MY Saint Lucia to a whole new level and you will see this come to life when hanging with us. I am personally present on every Island Experience and we only conduct one or two per month so that we are always fresh and giving you the very best. So think of OMG as your passport to a side of St. Lucia most people have no idea exists.

OMG is a getaway into my world. You will hang with me, go to local hangouts with me and you will experience our unique island love and island style as only locals do simply for being with me. This is the essence of Orange Mango Getaways and I am supper excited to have you come join the family.

…and I really mean join the family because you will arrive as friend and leave as family!

Just About Everybody in St. Lucia Knows Kirk!

Just about everyone in St. Lucia knows Kirk Elliott so as we move around you will experience a special kind of energy that is insanely infectious … and don’t be surprised if you catch the bug!

Now the one big take away I’d like you to get from our time together is the fleeting-ness of life and the priceless-ness of love and caring and camaraderie. For many of the engagements and interactions you will enjoy with me and my team are the result of that energy we exude and it’s a vibe that no amount of money can buy. But in the end it’s a powerful reminder that while money can buy us lots of things in life it can’t buy happiness, and in the end all we are is “dust in the wind!”

COVID’s Biggest Lessons

Like most of us, I know a number of persons who contracted COVID, some of them lived while some of them died. However we are still here to tell the tale and COVID made me realize what a wonderful and priceless gift life is. These new private experiences are a celebration of this gift and I invite you to embrace them with that spirit. Who knows – your Orange Mango Getaway might just be your OMG moment … and wouldn’t that be a delightfully magical thing!

We Are Not a Luxury Vacation Experience

While these Private Experiences are priced at a premium due to both their exclusivity as well as their special uniqueness we do not promote them as a luxury experience. Thing is Authentic St Lucia is all about heart and soul and this is what you will enjoy in an organically immersive way. This is what I am so excited to share with you. Now this doesn’t mean that you will be roughing it, however it’s important to note that this is not a white glove butler service and there can be unplanned twists and turns along the way. But the magic lies in going with the flow and quite often the unexpected turns out to being the jewel in the crown. In fact this is quite often the beauty of island life – thanking life for her lemons then making the the best ever lemonade known to man! 🙂

There you have it … a little taste of what hanging out with me can be like.

So if you’re loving the vibe and you wanna discover more just link with me via the form below and let’s explore what your very own OMG might be…

Kirk Elliott- St Lucia

Here’s a Taste of Hanging Out With Me…

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