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About Orange Mango Getaways tells the unique story of how these Private St Lucia Excursions were born

How COVID-19 Changed The World … And Our Business Too


In early 2020 the world of travel and vacationing was forever changed as COVID-19 swept the globe, leaving millions of lost lives in its wake.

Travel all but ground to a halt and seemingly overnight restrictions, masks and protocols became the new normal and the world as we knew it has never been the same again

Orange Mango Getaways is Born

Orange Mango Getaways was born out of this catastrophe as a way to keep vacationers with their pent up desire for travel as safe as safe could be by offering “Private Experiences” exclusively…

From Expedited VIP Airport Security Clearance that skips you to the head of all lines on arrival in St Lucia, to Private Helicopter transfers so you avoid a long commute along winding roads, to Private Excursions, Private Dinners at your Private Villa … and so much more; we did everything within our power to minimize your exposure to anything outside your personal bubble

This consideration for your health and safety was such a hit with appreciative travellers that we simply never looked back.

And so was that Orange Mango Getaways was born.

Private St Lucia Excursions
A Real Orange Mango

But Why Orange Mango I Can Just About Hear You Wondering

Ask any Caribbean person what’s the juiciest and tastiest fruit in the whole wide world and 11 out of 10 will very likely tell you that its got to be a sweet and succulent rosy ripe mango; and many will tell you that this is their favourite fruit too.

So in creating this COVID-19 inspired private vacation experience I wanted a name that evoked a sense of sheer Caribbean delight the way we island people know and love it as our private experiences are all about giving you an uniquely special immersion into authentic island vibes.

And so it was that mangoes came to mind…

Not just any mango; but rather – A BIG Phat Juicy Orange Mango!

So What are Orange Mango Getaways? – I Can Still Hear You Ask

Orange Mango Getaways are immersive Custom Designed Private St Lucia Experiences exclusively available through this portal and participating travel agents ONLY.

In these Authentic Island Experiences renowned St Lucia Sustainable Tourism Ambassador Kirk Elliott and his team will be your Island Concierge. You will discover the Authentic Saint Lucia most visitors have no idea even exist and you will have a vacation experience like no other you’ve had before.

From enjoying a waterfall Kirk will secure exclusively for you, to private dinners and entertainment at you villa, exclusive day sail excursions where you have a 50 – 100 passenger catamaran all to yourself and your guests …

All of this … and so much more awaits you and is yours simply for the asking.

But with just 10 or so of these experiences per year you can imagine how quickly the spaces fill up.

St Lucia Private Boat Excursion

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