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St Lucia Photo Tour

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Photography 1-on-1 with Kirk

If you own a digital camera and you are passionate about taking your photography to a whole new level the Private St Lucia Photo Tour is a must-do event for you. Since 2014 Kirk has created a unique photography program catering to beginner to advanced photographers. Kirk will introduce you to his contrarian approach to finding amazing images just about anywhere you happen to be. He will teach you how to craft the image you want to create inside your head before you even pick up your camera. He will teach you why less is often more when it comes to photography and how you can develop your own photographer’s eye, or sharpen yours if you have already found it.

Folks rave about Kirk’s St Lucia Photo Tour on TripAdvisor where he has earned Certificates of Excellence 5 years in a row and in 2019 was inducted into the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame. TripAdvisor has ranked the St Lucia Photo Tour as the #1 Outdoor Activity in Castries, Saint Lucia for a number of years and the photo tour is also ranked as one of the Top 5 Photo Tours in the entire Caribbean.

When asked why he thinks the Photo Tour has gotten all of these accolades and enjoys over 200 stellar client reviews Kirk will tell you that maybe it comes from his passion for photography and for sharing the interesting insights he’s garnered along the way, and also maybe it’s because of the interestingly upside down way that he shares his concepts on creating impactful photography.

The St Lucia Photo Tour is All About You

st Lucia Photography
Creating Photography That Tells The Story

Kirk’s Private Photo Tours are all about you. They start with a Zoom Consultation to establish your areas of expertise as well as the areas you wish to brush up on. He will inquire on what you wish to learn, the kind of photography you enjoy, what photography you wish to create while in St Lucia, and so much more. Then armed with all of this information Kirk will create an itinerary that covers all of your touch points so that when you finally connect with him in st Lucia it will be smooth sailing per your developed script. But being a private time with Kirk you have the luxury of amending and updating the script on the fly and this approach can lead to some pleasantly unexpected results.

What You Will Learn

  • How the Camera Works – Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed and how they all work together
  • Composition – Rule of Thirds; Photo Assassins – 1 Shot 1 Kill
  • Engaging with Locals for More Impactful Images
  • Light – Understanding Light – Colour, Quality, Direction
  • Circular Polarizers and why we swear by them
  • The Michael Angelo Theory and Why Less is Always More

Kirk is a National Geographic Certified Educator, A National Geographic Certified Storytelling for Impact in the Classroom Photographer as well as a New York Times International Photographer. He has trained with some of the world’s best photographer, from Hawaii to Miami and across the Caribbean too. Kirk’s St Lucia Photo Tour is uniquely special and ideal for novice to advanced photographers.

Click the Book Consultation button to to connect with Kirk and to discover more.

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