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Private St Lucia Waterfall Experience


Connecting With Nature

Imaging this – A plot of land in the middle of nowhere that no one thinks is worthy of any consideration. Then along comes Rastaman Levi who sees golden abundance in what all others have deemed useless. So he sets about manifesting his vision into reality and today you get to enjoy a truly back to Eden experience.

Rastaman Levi has lived totally off grid for many years now and time spent at his waterfall is a serenely beautiful experience.

We have arranged with Rastaman Levi for his place to be yours exclusively for 1/2 the day so he can do justice to sharing his story with you without interruption during your time with him. Just about everything used here comes from the land.

Forgot your insect repellent? No worries as Rastaman Levi will pluck some citronella from his his garden, crush and grind it into some coconut oil then squeeze the juice right into your hands so you can rub it on your skin. And voila – Insects be gone!

You will enjoy freshly picked fruit and Rastaman Levi will regale you with stories of his vision followed up by execution. A day at this beautifully tranquil location will have you reflecting on life, nature, wealth, contentedness and the overall realization that in the end time and experiences might just be the ultimate valuables.

The Food – Ital Cooking at its Best

Then there is the food! Lunch will be a beautiful tropical spread infused with fresh from the garden herbs. It is authentic and earthy with even your plate being made from a calabash which is a fruit that grows on St. Lucia’s national tree.

The Waterfall Experience

Then there is the actual waterfall experience. We will make our way down to the waterfall and wading pool where you get to enjoy the water cascading over the rocks and onto you. The beauty of this experience is that you get to enjoy it all to yourself which adds to the peace and tranquility of the nature surrounding you in these beautiful outdoors.

This is a truly one of a kind experience that can easily be the highlight of your Saint Lucia Getaway!

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