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Private St Lucia Pigeon Island Hike & History

Private Pigeon Island Hike and history - St Lucia
Exploring St Lucia Enthralling History at Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island is easily one of the most fascinating places in Saint Lucia that is so overlooked. Most visitors to this crown jewel of the Saint Lucia National Trust see it as just a place to come enjoy the beach or to hike her trails. But you would be doing yourself a grave dis-service by not scratching beneath the surface to discover more.

This Pigeon Island Hike and Historical Excursion will share the island’s rich colour and history with you for a whole new appreciation of our glorious past.

On this St Lucia tour you will discover the story of how the island was once separated from the mainland and why it was initially called Gros Islet. You will discover the story of Admiral Rodney and homing pigeons that is alleged to have led to the island being renamed Pigeon Island. Or how about the story of the British theatrical actress who once leased the island and would throw lavish parties for her British sailing friends. Or the role the island played in World War II in defense of the sea planes the American hid across the bay.

So imagine hiking the island while literally reliving these stories and more as we go past the various points of interest.

So hit us up through the Zoom Consultation button to schedule a private consultation so we can help you plan out your very own Pigeon Island Hike & History Exploration

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