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St Lucia Excursions

St Lucia Sea Excursions

St Lucia Excursions

St Lucia Excursions
St Lucia Excursions – A Beautiful Day Out at Sea

So you are planning an island getaway and St Lucia Excursions are now top of mind for you. In this blog post we share with you a wide variety of things to do in St Lucia and hope to have answered all of your questions about excursions in St Lucia. And if I happen to have missed anything at all just post a comment or question and I’ll cover that too.

St. Lucia is an ideal getaway for both relaxation and for soft adventure. The island is ruggedly mountainous with lush green vegetation for most of the year. Popular island tours include party excursions by boat, ziplining, hiking, plantation explorations, waterfall trips and the world famous drive-in-volcano tour, among others. These tours have been around for the last 50 or so years and there are lots of tour companies offering easy bookings with 40 – 50 participants, and sometimes even more.

Impact of COVID on St Lucia Excursions

Just like everywhere else in the world, COVID had a huge negative impact on tourism and even when we started operating again it was with enhanced safety measures aimed at reducing the spread of the virus. While the hotels were able to resume operation quickly St Lucia excursions and tours were a totally different story. Initially you could only go on tours with persons from the same resort, and even then there was a constant fear among both tour operators and their guests about safety and the possibility of getting infected.

St Lucia Private Tours

This safety concern created the perfect situation for offering Private St Lucia Tours as a way to keep visitors as safe as possible, so as soon as we got government certified to resume business we switched to these Private St Lucia Excursions and never looked back. Now remember how earlier on we spoke about these long established tours … what some people even called dated tours? Because we didn’t want to be going to the same places and doing the same old things like everyone else we created some modern visitor experiences featuring 21st century sensitivities for matters such as climate change and sustainable community development.

Giving Forward in St Lucia

We even went as far as incorporating some schools into one of our projects and this has become quite a hit with both visitors and students. It’s an idea we call Giving Forward and it take you on an island excursion that has you visiting a school and interacting with students first hand. You get to experience what life is like for them and they in turn get to engage with real live visitors! these exchanges are always so very rich and we are constantly amazed at the questions students ask and also how well informed they are about matters in the broader world.

We also invite you to support the school by bringing over supplies that can be hard to get locally and you’ll be amazed at the positive impact of your generosity!

Best Excursions in St Lucia

So what are the best excursions in St Lucia you ask. Here at Orange Mango Getaways we don’t believe that there are any best St Lucia excursions per se, but rather there are excursions that suit you best, and this can be different for everyone. So instead we believe that the best St Lucia excursions are ones that go deeper than simply giving you a good time, or taking you to all the usual sights. These best excursions should leave you knowing that you truly connected with the essence of Saint Lucia and that you have come away from the tour enriched by the experience.

Here are some of our most popular visitor activities. However we invite you to schedule a consultation so we might explore thoughts and ideas with you as it is this one on one bespoke attention to detail that guarantees you enjoying the best excursions in St Lucia. And who knows – your best excursion may just be the one that we build up from scratch!

Excursions in St Lucia
Excursions in St Lucia – Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island Hike & History

So much amazing history is locked up at Pigeon Island but we’ll release it all on this really cool hike. From the construction of the fortifications by some of the island’s most skilled artisans to how the island came to get it’s name, to how it tied in to the American War of Independence to how it factored into World War II … and so much more. You will come away from this St Lucia Private Tour with a new appreciation of how we are all so interconnected and how the world is as small as it is round!

Private Island Explorer – Something New and Unique in St Lucia Excursions

This is a full island tour that takes you to some of the best known spots on the island and also to others that no one else seem to know exist. You will hang with us like a real local and Kirk becomes your all access pass to Authentic St Lucia. You will meet the locals and you will be immersed in our culture, history and cuisine. Oh, and we will be consulting the spirits too as you know that no proper island tour could be complete without some good ole St Lucia Rum!

Ocean Vibes – A Day Out at Sea

There’s nothing like a day out on the ocean with the wind blowing through your hair and you enjoying the best of being on the water. And because this is a private day out you get to set the itinerary. So we can go all the way down to the Pitons or we can stay closer to home. You can decide that it’s gonna be a party cruise or that you wanna just take it nice and slow.

These are just a few of the things you get to enjoy as you create your ultimate best.

Tip of the Iceberg

These are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, but we’re sure you get the drift. While COVID was super disruptive and we hope nothing like it comes along ever again, it also created the perfect scenario for us to pivot and change. And we are super excited to be charting the course of this change with what we believe just might be the Best St Lucia Excursions!

A Few More Fun St Lucia Excursion Pics

Excursions in St Lucia
Excursions in St Lucia
St Lucia Tour
Chilling in St Lucia
St Lucia Tours
Snorkelling in St Lucia

We hope that this mini exploration of St. Lucia Excursions in general and the excursions you can enjoy with us have armed you with wonderful ideas for your next island getaway.

Let us know what you think and we’d love for you to share your ideas for your Best St Lucia Excursions…

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